Best Exercises to Help with an Arthritis Diagnosis

Does your elderly loved one has an arthritis diagnosis? If so, they might be experiencing quite a bit of pain and discomfort. Arthritis can be frustrating. There isn’t just one solution for everyone to relieve the pain. However, research does show that there are some exercises that have been beneficial for those with arthritis.  

Going Swimming

Senior Care Las Vegas, NV: Exercises to Help with Arthritis

If your elderly loved one has arthritis, you should encourage them to go swimming. You or their senior care providers can go swimming with them. Swimming helps improve your elderly loved one’s cardiovascular health and strengthens their muscles. As your elderly loved one gets stronger, they will have less stress on their bones and joints. This means they could have less pain and discomfort.  

Doing Yoga 

If your elderly loved one has never done yoga, they should try it. Research shows that it has been very beneficial to those with arthritis. There are various forms of yoga that your elderly loved one could try. There are online yoga classes and possible local yoga classes they could check out. If your elderly loved one doesn’t want to do a class, they could just watch free videos online to teach them how to do yoga. Yoga allows your elderly loved one to breathe deeply and release the tension throughout their body. This is how it can help reduce their pain and discomfort. If they don’t want to do yoga on their own, you or their senior care provider may want to do it with them.  

Using Resistance Bands 

There are also many starter resistance band exercises that your elderly loved one could do. These exercises are great for strengthening muscles, improving posture, and improving flexibility. There are different resistance bands that your elderly loved one could get. Some are easier to use. Once your loved one gets used to those, they can start using the ones that are a bit more difficult.  


You may want to talk with their doctor before having your loved one use these bands. Depending on the severity of the condition, their doctor might not want them using these right now.  


These are some of the best exercises to help with an arthritis diagnosis. If your elderly loved one has this condition, be sure to help them ease their pain and discomfort. Start them off by doing just one of these exercises. They can start adding in more exercises as they build up a bit more strength. 


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