Can Home Care Aides Help Your Mom When She Has a Migraine?

In the United States, around 25 percent of households have at least one migraine sufferer. While the health issue is most common in adults between the ages of 18 and 44, they can hit at any age. When they do, it’s normal to be unable to function.

Your mom has migraines. She needs to see her doctor to rule out underlying health issues. If issues like a stroke or aneurysm are ruled out, she needs to learn how to manage her migraines when they hit. Home care is one of the best ways to make sure your mom is supported when a migraine forces her to take it easy.

Symptoms of a Migraine

Home Care Boulder City, NV: Seniors and Migraines

When a migraine hits, it’s more than a severe headache. Dizziness, nausea, tingling in the face and extremities, and vomiting can all occur with that headache. It can make noise, lights, and even some odors make everything worse.

When these symptoms hit, they can last a few hours or several days. Some people have 15 or more migraines per month. No matter how often they hit or how long they last, it can make it hard to complete daily activities of living.

Many people prefer to stay in bed in a silent room with no lights as a migraine hits. Does that sound like your mom?

What Help Will Your Mom Need?

Whether your mom cannot function for a few hours or a few days, she needs support at home. She needs someone to keep the house running when trying to get through the pain and discomfort.

Someone needs to run errands for her, cook meals, clean the home, and schedule appointments. If she needs to see her doctor or go to the hospital for care, someone needs to be available to drive her.

While she recovers, she may be taking pain relievers and prescription medications. Someone needs to help her track the times when she last took a pill and when she can take the next one. It’s also helpful to have someone making sure she has water and snacks to ensure she doesn’t become dehydrated or have her blood sugar levels dip too low.

How Can Home Care Aides Help

Transportation, light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and errands are all duties a paid caregiver is happy to handle. Caregivers can also order prescription refills, help your mom with medication reminders, and help out with the pets.

Make your mom’s daily routine easier to manage until the migraine is over. Hire home care aides to help her with housework, meals, and appointment scheduling. A home care specialist can assist your mom and ensure she’s supported throughout the migraine.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering home care in Boulder City, NV please contact the caring staff at Essential Care today at (833) 630-3703.


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