Can You Do Anything to Protect the Rest of Your Senior’s Hearing?

There might be more that you can do than you might think that helps to keep your senior’s hearing as intact as possible. You can’t undo any damage that’s already been done, but what you can do can help significantly with her quality of life. 

Make Sure Her Health Is Stable

Elderly Care Mesquite, NV: Seniors and Hearing

Some health issues can make hearing loss worse. High blood pressure, diabetes, and repetitive ear infections are all among those health issues. There may be others that are impacting your senior’s hearing, too. Make sure that you and your senior are doing everything that needs to be done to keep those health issues in check. There might be lifestyle changes that can help, too. 

See What Else Her Doctor Has to Say 

It’s important to find out what other advice your senior’s doctor has to give on this topic. There may be more that relates to her specific health concerns that you could be paying closer attention to or doing. Some medications are ototoxic, or cause harm to hearing, for instance. That includes over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. Limiting or finding other alternatives for those medications may be something to consider, especially if it’s not too late. 

Don’t Put Anything in Her Ears 

It’s good advice to never put anything in anyone’s ears, but it may be especially important to pay attention to what your senior is putting in or near her ears. Cleaning her ears should be done carefully and without items like cotton swabs, which can cause damage to ear drums if used improperly. Look for the safest solution always, so that you can do whatever possible to protect what’s left of your senior’s hearing. 

Use Ear Protection Whenever Possible 

Something else to consider, especially if your elderly family member is exposed to loud sounds often, is ear protectors. These are devices that look like earmuffs and fit over your senior’s ears. There are a variety of different styles, even some that are battery-operated and that amplify sounds below a specific decibel level. These can be a really helpful solution if your elderly family member still has most of her hearing and is interested in protecting what remains. 

Elderly care providers may have some other ideas about helping your senior to continue to be able to hear well, too. They may also be able to help your senior to remember to do things like wear her ear protectors when necessary. 


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