Can Your Senior Really Lower Her Cholesterol?

Most people these days are concerned about their cholesterol levels. Getting those numbers into a space where your senior’s doctor is happier can improve her health greatly. Here are some ideas for doing that. 

Fruits and Vegetables Are a Good Start

Elder Care Henderson, NV: Lowering Cholesterol

Every time that your elderly family member is looking to turn her health around, fruits and vegetables can help her. They’re full of vitamins and nutrients her body needs. Most also contain fiber and protein, which are important pieces of the nutrient puzzle. Avoiding sugary and processed foods is really important, and increasing your senior’s intake of vegetables and fruits can help to replace those. 

Good Fats Are Good, While Bad Fats Are Bad 

The bad fats, which are trans fats, are foods like margarine. They don’t give your body what it needs to function well and they end up contributing to those high cholesterol levels you’re trying to turn around. Good fats, on the other hand, are essential for organs throughout your senior’s body, including her brain. These are fats that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and they’re ones your senior needs more of in her diet. She can find those in oily fish, avocados, and olive oil. 

Fiber and Whole Grains Are a Good Choice  

Whole grains and fiber work to give your senior’s body nutrients that help to soak up excess cholesterol and move it through her body. Processed grains and foods that are lower in fiber, like white bread, aren’t able to do all of that. The prebiotics in fibrous foods and whole grains feed the good bacteria in your senior’s gut, which helps her to be healthier in lots of ways beyond just her cholesterol levels. 

Moving More Often Helps 

Your senior’s doctor may recommend that she exercises a bit more than she is now. She doesn’t need to train for a marathon just yet, though. Sticking with activities that she enjoys and that get her blood pumping are good choices. Talk to her doctor about the specifics before she starts to make sure that the activity is right for her. 

All of this can feel like a lot of change to your senior. Also, if she’s got high cholesterol, her energy levels may not be wonderful. Having some help from elder care providers can allow her to save her energy for the things she absolutely needs to do herself. As her health and her energy improve, she may start to see big results. 


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