Easy DIY Activities For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Seniors with Alzheimer’s need the mental stimulation of activities like crafts and games. Playing games and performing activities that engage their cognitive skills can make them feel good about themselves and help them retain the cognitive skills they have for a longer period of time. Everyone needs a sense of purpose and games and activities can give people with Alzheimer’s that sense of purpose while also keeping them occupied.

But when you are choosing activities to do with a senior who has Alzheimer’s it’s important that you choose games and activities that are suited to their cognitive level. If you choose games and activities that are too difficult for them they will likely feel frustrated, sad, and upset.

If you’re not sure whether or not a game or activity is appropriate for senior loved one with Alzheimer’s, ask your senior loved one’s in-home care provider or work with the in-home care provider to come up with appropriate games and activities. Some activities that are good for almost any senior with Alzheimer’s include:

Card Memory

In-Home Care in Boulder City, NV: DIY Activities and Alzheimer’s

This is an easy game to make and it’s fun to play. Get a two packs of large over sized playing cards for seniors and some stick on Velcro. Take one set of the cards and glue the cards face up one by one on a large piece of poster-board or cardboard. Put a small piece of Velcro on the face up side of each card. Then take the other deck and attach a small piece of Velcro to the back of each card. To play the game have your senior loved one match the cards by laying one card on top of the other. The Velcro will stick the cards together so your loved one can see their progress.

Painting Rocks

Finding painted rocks that people leave around towns where they live had turned into a quite popular hobby with many groups on social media engaging in searches and leaving rocks. Your senior one can participate in this trend by painting rocks that you can leave around town for others to find. All you need for this activity are some large rocks and some acrylic paints and paint brushes. Your senior loved one can make the designs on the rocks as complicated or as simple as they like. Ask people online to take photos of the rocks if they find them around town so that your senior loved one can see the rocks being found by other people.

Sorting Objects

Sorting objects like coins, screws, safety pins, or other objects is very satisfying for seniors with Alzheimer’s. It can keep them busy for hours and when they’re done, they will have a sense of accomplishment and pride that they may feel is lacking in their lives. You can also have your senior laundry work with you or an in-home care provider sorting laundry. Having them sort objects like cloth diapers or towels is also a good task and will make them feel like they are helping to take care of the household.

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