Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle Starts With Support

Your mom wants to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Whether she plans to stop smoking or is going to improve her diet, she’s going to need support. How do you best support her as she takes steps to reach her goals? 
Enlist the Help of Experts

Elderly Care Mesquite, NV: Healthier Lifestyle

Start by talking to her doctor. Her doctor is a good source of information on who to reach out to for help. She may be referred to a specialist, which is one of the best ways to succeed with new goals. 
If your mom is trying to get in shape, it helps to hire a personal trainer or physical therapist to help her find routines that work for her needs. If she’s looking to improve her diet, talk to her doctor. Ask if she could have a consultation with a dietitian. 
Other healthy living choices may be to stop smoking or stop drinking. With each of those choices, she may find it helpful to find an online or local support group. 
Join Her in Her Goals 
What you do at home is your decision. When you’re with your mom, avoid doing things that she is giving up. If she’s trying to stop drinking, don’t drink when you’re with her. She may say it’s fine, but it puts the tempting drink within her reach. If she’s giving up sugar, don’t bring a dozen cupcakes to her house. 
Make Sure She Knows Its Okay to Slip Up 
Whether she’s trying to stick to a new diet or stop smoking, she may have moments where she slips up. Make sure she knows that’s normal. If she does slip up, it’s okay. She can get back on track and try again. 
Be Available as Much as Possible 
The best way to support your mom is by being available. She may call more often to vent her frustration. Talking it out is better for her than quitting her goals and reverting to bad habits. 
You may not be able to talk her through every moment of frustration. On days you’re at work and can’t help her, companionship services may be a good alternative. She can talk to a caregiver about her feelings and moments of weakness. 
Have you discussed the benefits of elderly care with your mom? If she needs someone supporting her with goals like cooking at home instead of ordering takeout, caregivers can help. If she wants someone to join her on daily walks up the road, caregivers are there. 
Elderly care also helps your mom with housework, transportation, and companionship. Learn more by talking to a representative. 


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