Four Issues that Might Contribute to Osteoporosis

There are health issues that your senior might not have gotten worried about until much later in life, like osteoporosis. But osteoporosis can have a big impact on your senior’s life now. As her caregiver, you might need to know some of the various factors that can make osteoporosis more of a problem for your senior.  

Being Sedentary

Caregiver Boulder City, NV: Osteoporosis and Seniors

Not exercising can have effects on your senior’s health in a lot of ways. Bone health is just one of those ways. When your elderly family member doesn’t exercise much, her bones aren’t bearing her weight as often as they could be, which can cause them to be a little weaker. Gradually increasing her exercise levels can help, as long as her doctor recommends exercise for her. 


Aging creates a variety of changes in your senior’s life and health. It also is a factor in osteoporosis and bone weakness. People over the age of 50 are more likely to experience bone weakness. Often this isn’t solely because your senior is getting older, but it’s also a factor of choices she’s made over the course of her life in terms of diet, exercise and other decisions that all work together. 

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies 

The reason that diet is so important is because that’s how your senior is most likely to take in nutrients that her body needs. When your elderly family member isn’t eating a diet that contains enough of what she needs, she’s more likely to be deficient in necessary nutrients like vitamin D and calcium. Supplements can help, especially if your elderly family member’s doctor finds that she’s significantly lacking in some nutrients. 

Other Health Issues 

Other health issues can sometimes have an impact on your elderly family member’s tendency to develop osteoporosis, too. The medications that your senior takes to manage those health issues can also cause her bones to be weaker or cause her body to have trouble taking in certain nutrients as well. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how her other health issues impact her bone health. 

Your elderly family member can still have a safe and happy life, even if she’s battling osteoporosis. What’s important is that you’re both doing as much as possible to help her to maintain a positive quality of life. Get a plan from your elderly family member’s doctor and put some steps in place that move her in a more positive direction. 


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