Four Tips for Caregiving When Your Senior Is Experiencing Cognitive Changes

Your senior can experience cognitive changes for a variety of reasons ranging from aging itself to other diseases that can rob your senior of her ability to think. Cognitive changes can make caregiving a challenge for both you and your senior, too. 

Communication Is Going to Be Different

Elderly Care Summerlin, NV:Experiencing Cognitive Changes

Cognitive changes mean that a lot changes for your elderly family member. One of the biggest changes may be in how your senior communicates with you and with others. She may not be able to share with you some of the things she’s been able to share in the past, like that she’s thirsty or that she needs the bathroom. This can be frustrating for her and for you as you both try to learn new ways to communicate essential information.  

Remember that Her Condition Is Going to Change  

Where your senior is right now is not going to be where she is even a few weeks from now. Cognitive changes manifest in sometimes unexpected ways, but you’ll definitely see the impacts on your senior and on your relationship with your senior. Preparing as much as you can now for where she’s going to be eventually can help both you and your elderly family member.  

Caregiving Can Change for You, Too 

That means that caregiving doesn’t remain static for you, either. In fact, this can mean that caregiving becomes much more demanding for you than it has been in the past. It’s also possible that you need a lot more help than you counted on in the very beginning. That’s where elderly care providers can be a tremendous help, because they’ve got the experience to come up to speed quickly with your senior’s needs. 

Taking Care of Yourself Is a Big Priority 

Self-care is always important, but it’s especially important when you are dealing with cognitive changes in your senior. This can be so very difficult for both of you to manage emotionally as well logistically. Leaning on elderly care providers during this time can be an important way for you to take the time that you need for yourself. Determine what helps you to feel recharged and ready to go again and then do more of that.

Talk to your senior’s doctor about what to expect and how to help your senior most effectively. When you’re as prepared as possible, you can put solutions in place as your senior needs them.  


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