Four Tips for Your Senior to Manage Her Diabetes

If your elderly family member has been diagnosed with diabetes, you might both feel a little bit shocked. Diabetes is something that a lot of older adults end up facing, especially if they’ve got other health issues that affect their body’s ability to process sugars and insulin.  

Reduce Her Sugar Intake

Home Care Summerlin, NV: Managing Diabetes

Eating a lot of sugar keeps blood sugar levels high, and that’s something your senior wants to avoid if she has diabetes. Eating a lower carb diet that is full of healthy choices, like fiber-rich and protein-containing foods can be really important. Talk with her doctor about the best diet for your senior and work with her to make changes that can last. 

Increase Her Activity Levels 

Also make sure you talk to your senior’s doctor about exercise. Many people with diabetes find that regular exercise helps to keep blood sugar levels in check. Finding activities that your senior loves to do can help her to stick with her plan for moving more. Encourage her to take her time and to ramp up her activity level slowly. This is also going to help her to stick with her plan. 

Pay Close Attention to Potential Trouble Areas 

People with diabetes have a higher risk factor for eye problems and for foot issues. Neuropathy, particularly in the extremities, can make it difficult for your senior to recognize pain or injuries in her feet. This is how many diabetic people find themselves losing a foot or a leg, and it’s something your senior can work to avoid.  

Encourage Her to Make Those Doctor Appointments 

Follow-up appointments with your senior’s doctor are a must. Her doctor is going to keep track of her blood sugar levels, her A1C levels, and other statistical information that helps to track how your senior is managing her diabetes. Small changes can have big impacts and your elderly family member might “feel fine,” but her numbers can show something different. It’s vital for her doctor to be able to see how she’s doing and ensure that all is well. 

Testing her blood sugar levels regularly is also really important. If this is difficult for your senior to do or to remember to do on a regular basis, it can help to have home care providers there with her. They can show her the easiest ways to check her blood sugar levels and they can offer reminders throughout the day. 


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