Four Ways to Help Your Senior to Stay at Home for as Long as Possible

Hearing that your senior is reluctant to leave her own home might feel frustrating to you as her family caregiver. But this is a very common goal for aging adults and you may be able to help her to reach it.

Do a Safety Sweep of Her Home

Caregiver Mesquite, NV: Aging at Home

If your elderly family member’s home isn’t safe enough for her to be in now, it’s definitely not going to be safe for her months and even years from now. It’s vital that you and she go through her home and look at every room through the lens of making it as safe as possible. This means removing rugs that are slippery, adding grab bars in specific locations, and verifying that lighting is bright enough. If you do this periodically, you can keep up with changes as they need to happen.

Put Together a Fall Prevention Plan

Falls are extremely dangerous for aging adults. Part of your safety sweep involves paying attention to possible tripping hazards, but a fall prevention plan takes that a step further. Your senior’s fall prevention plan might involve talking with her doctor about adding exercise to her daily routine or using assistive tools to help her to avoid a fall.

Consider Help on Her Terms

Your elderly family member might not feel that she is ready right now for additional help from senior care providers. But having companion care at home can be incredibly helpful for aging family members. Your senior can avoid the problems that loneliness can bring and there’s help right there with her if she does need a little bit of extra assistance.

Make it Easy to Keep up with Appointments

Another reason to consider companion care at home could involve helping your senior to get to medical and other appointments as needed. This is especially important if your elderly family member isn’t able to drive any longer or if she’s had memory issues that make appointments a little more complicated. Practical ideas, like keeping a calendar that she can see any time, are also helpful in keeping her on target with appointments.

Aging in place is an extremely common goal and your senior may be adamant that this is what she wants. It may well be possible for her, but having a plan is going to help to ensure greater success. Revisit the plan periodically, too, so that you can make sure to cover all the bases.

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