Healthy Foods Seniors Should Avoid

No matter what age you are, having a healthy diet is crucial to maintaining a healthy life. However, there is so much misinformation nowadays that it can be hard to understand what is actually healthy and what is bad for you. Seniors should be mainly focused on healthy eating, but they also may be easily fooled by blogs online. You need to help your seniors realize fact from fiction. If they are still confused about what they should be eating, finding the right doctor may help them make better choices.

Companion care at home may help your seniors stay on the right path when it comes to diet and lifestyle, but chances are a senior will need more guidance. Finding a doctor or nutritionist can be a good step for seniors who have no experience in dieting or seniors who do not understand what they should be consuming.

During this process, a senior should be seeing their doctor regularly. If they have not been going to appointments due to transportation issues, it may be best to find companion care at home to help them out. Visiting a doctor is crucial to find out what foods to avoid due to certain medications or to check their blood levels to see what vitamins and minerals they are deficient in. Here are some healthy foods that actually may not be the wisest option for seniors to consume.

Eating Sprouts

Companion Care at Home in Henderson, NV: Foods to Avoid

Raw sprouts are a huge win in the health community because they are packed with vitamins and minerals. They make the perfect crunch in a sandwich and add a rich earthy flavor. You can find four different types of sprouts: bean, vegetable, seed, and grain sprouts. Although these sprouts may be healthy for the average adult, they are also a breeding ground for bacteria which can make it harmful for seniors to eat. Their bodies may not be able to fight off the bacteria growing on the sprouts.

Raw Meat

In some parts of the world, consuming raw meat is a delicacy. This can mean things like beef tartare and carpaccio should be avoided. Although these dishes have been through a process to kill off the bad bacteria, some can still remain. Even a small bit of bacteria can harm a senior and make them very sick. If they are craving meat, they should go for white lean meat cuts for a good source of protein.

Soft Cheese

Although brie cheese is loved globally, it is not always the best for seniors. Soft cheeses are usually unpasteurized, and because of that, they contain tons of bacteria that a senior can’t fend off. Not all seniors will get sick from eating soft cheese; however, it is still best to limit or avoid altogether.

Raw Seafood

There are some types of sushi rolls without raw fish, but the kind with raw fish can contain more harmful bacteria that seniors should avoid. Another thing to consider is seniors who love oysters or clams should also avoid them when raw. Everything should be cooked to limit the number of bacteria in a senior’s body.

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