How Seniors Can Keep Their Kidneys Healthy

If your older family member has high blood pressure, diabetes, or relatives with kidney disease, they are at risk for developing kidney disease themselves. Or, perhaps, the senior is in the early stages of kidney disease. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the development or progression of kidney disease, such as by following the suggestions below.

Drink Water, But Not Too Much

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Getting enough fluids on a daily basis will help the kidneys to do their job, but there’s no need to drink excessive amounts. Your older family member should strive to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day to help flush toxins from the body. However, experts say there’s no scientific evidence that indicates drinking more will improve kidney function.

Senior care providers can keep a fresh glass or bottle of water near the older adult and remind them to drink from it throughout the day.

Keep Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Under Control

Both high blood pressure and high blood sugar contribute to kidney damage. Keeping them within normal ranges will help to prevent or slow kidney disease. If your aging relative has high blood pressure or diabetes, they should follow the doctor’s instructions for managing the condition.

A senior care provider can remind your older family member to take their medications and help them to follow other steps and instructions recommended by the doctor.

Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy, balanced diet allows your older family member to get the nutrients the body needs to stay as healthy as possible. It also helps to support the kidneys. Make certain your older adult is eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. They should also avoid eating too much salt or sugar.

Senior care can cook meals and prepare snacks for older adults that are nutritious and that your loved one will enjoy.

Quit Smoking

If the older adult smokes, encourage them to quit. Smoking damages blood vessels, which can mean the kidneys don’t get enough blood. Reduced blood flow makes it harder for the kidneys to do their job. People who smoke are also at greater risk for high blood pressure. It also increases the risk of kidney cancer. A doctor can offer suggestions, techniques, and medications to help the older adult to stop smoking.

A senior care provider can be an excellent partner in helping your aging relative to quit smoking. Just by being present, a senior care provider may deter the older adult from smoking. In addition, a senior care provider can offer a distraction when the older adult has an urge to smoke.


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