How to Help Your Senior to Manage Hearing Loss

Many aging adults lose their hearing as they grow older. The month of May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, which might be a good time to assess your senior’s hearing and to help her to preserve the hearing that she still has.

Why Is She Losing Her Hearing?

Senior Care North Las Vegas, NV: Seniors and Hearing Loss

There are a variety of reasons your senior may be losing her hearing. Sometimes people lose their hearing as they age, while others lose their hearing because of exposure to loud noises for long periods of time. There are also illnesses and medications that can cause hearing loss. Determining the cause of your senior’s hearing loss can help you to find solutions that work for her.

Get Her Hearing Tested

It’s also important that your senior gets her hearing tested. That’s going to give you and her, as well as her audiologist, much better information about just how much hearing she’s lost. It can also help to narrow down which solutions are more likely to be effective for her.

Consider Various Options for Treating Hearing Loss

There’s no magical cure for hearing loss, but there are some treatments that may work for your elderly family member’s hearing loss. The easiest devices to use, particularly for mild hearing loss, might be assistive listening devices. These are typically amplifying devices that can work on your senior’s smartphone and transmit amplified sounds to an earpiece. Hearing aids also amplify sounds but are more complicated than app-based amplifiers. Learning to lip read may be an option that helps your senior if neither of these other options work for her.

Put Together a List to Help Other Family Members

You and other family members might be able to be more helpful to your senior as she copes with hearing loss than you might have thought. First, people need to know that your senior is losing her hearing. This can be embarrassing at first, but if people don’t know, they won’t adjust their actions. Let people know to face your senior head on and speak directly to her. Speaking a little louder might help but shouting just distorts what people are saying. Reducing background noises can also assist your senior.

Having help from senior care providers may make hearing loss easier for your senior to face. Coping with some of life’s challenges is a lot easier when there’s someone there who understands your elderly family member’s needs.

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