Is Aging Contributing to Your Senior’s Fall Risk?

Even if your elderly family member isn’t dealing with other health issues that make a fall more likely, just the fact that she’s growing older can be a major contributing factor. That’s not something that your senior or you want, but it’s a fact that you have to face in order to try to find an answer. 

Balance Becomes More of an Issue

Caregiver Mesquite, NV: Your Senior’s Fall Risk

Your senior may not have the same balance that she used to have, especially if she’s also lost some flexibility. These are both crucial aspects of avoiding a fall. Your elderly family member can regain her balance and her flexibility, but she will need to commit to exercising and working specifically on those areas. Talk to her doctor about what amount of exercise is okay for her. 

Your Senior Is Losing Muscle Strength 

Something else that happens as people age is that they lose muscle tone and strength. For your elderly family member, this could mean that she’s not able to stand as long as she used to be able to stand. Eating a healthy diet that has plenty of lean protein is a great way to give your senior’s body the fuel it needs to maintain muscles. Exercise helps, too. 

Your Senior May not Be Walking as Much 

Sitting more frequently is a contributing factor, too. Your elderly family member may not be walking as much in general, and that can help her body to “forget” how to do so safely. When you combine being more sedentary with losing muscle strength and balance, your elderly family member may find that walking very short distances feels incredibly dangerous to her. 

Her Senses Could Be Diminishing 

Your elderly family member’s senses all work together to help her to avoid a fall, too. Her hearing, or more specifically her middle and inner ear, work to help her brain to know where she is. If your senior’s ears aren’t working well, that can affect how her brain processes that data. Your senior’s vision helps her to spot and to avoid obstacles. When she doesn’t see well, that makes her more likely to have trouble avoiding difficulties.  

As your senior’s caregiver, you need to be aware of all the potential issues that she’s facing. There may be things that you can do about some of these concerns, but maybe not all of them. Do what you can and assist her in the best ways possible. 


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