Making Communication Easier for Seniors with Hearing Loss

When your elderly family member’s hearing changes, there’s a lot that changes in her life. She may find that it’s difficult to stay as involved as she wants to be, because it’s more difficult to understand and to be understood. 

Regulate the Volume of Your Voice

Elder Care Mesquite, NV: Hearing Loss and Communication

When your senior is having trouble hearing, do you find yourself talking louder? That’s a common response, but most of the time it makes the situation a little bit worse. Instead of raising your voice, try speaking a little more slowly and clearly. Enunciation is often the source of the problem. When you simply talk louder, that can create even more distortion, which makes whatever you’re saying that much more difficult to understand. 

Pay Attention to Background Noise 

Something else that can interfere with your senior’s ability to interpret what’s being said is background noise. Reducing background noises when you can helps to “clear the field” a bit for your aging family member to be able to focus on the conversations or other things that you need for her to hear. There may be times when you can’t do anything at all about background noise, which might mean that you need to find other solutions.  

Consider Some Sign Language 

One of the tools you might want to consider is sign language. There are some universal signs that can be easy for you and your senior to learn. These can be incredibly helpful when you’re trying to communicate in a crowd or in a loud place. Whether you’re using actual sign language signs or you and your senior make up your own visual communication style, it can help you to make communication much easier. 

Rephrase Misunderstood Words and Phrases 

Everybody has certain words or phrases that are difficult to say or to hear. This can create some big misunderstandings. If it’s possible, take some of those frequently misunderstood words and phrases and find a variation or a synonym that are easier for your senior to understand. This might take some trial and error to get right. 

None of this is necessarily easy for you or for your senior to manage. It’s tough to have an ability all your life and then to lose that. Working with people who understand how difficult that can be really helps. Your senior may find that elder care providers are able to give her the patience and the assistance that she needs. 

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