Seniors Celebrating Self-Care Awareness Month

September is self-care awareness month, and it is important to shine a light on this month. Self-care is not vain or conceited; in fact, it can be mentally healthy. Many seniors may feel like they should neglect themselves or try to avoid doing things because of their age, or maybe they think it doesn’t matter. This is not true. Self-care is important no matter the age, and that includes seniors. Home care providers should be encouraging seniors to make self-care a priority.

Self-care is a way to feel independent and build a strong relationship with yourself. It takes many forms, and this September, it can be celebrated in many ways. Some seniors may take time for themselves by reading, taking a long bath, practicing yoga, and much more. A home care assistant can help encourage these healthy habits and help a senior practice these habits throughout September and beyond.

Being mindful of your own needs can help you live a fulfilling life. A senior may not have much practice with this, but a home care provider can help encourage and teach. Focusing on self-care can promote health, well-being, happiness, and more. Don’t overlook self-care awareness month this September.

How Seniors Can Practice Self-Care

Home Care Boulder City, NV: Self-Care Awareness Month

As a home care provider, one of the jobs may be to take seniors to appointments and other activities. With a caregiver helping a senior get around, it can be easy to encourage self-care activities and may even help battle feelings of isolation.

Get Social

There are many ways for seniors to get social now; they can go to bingo, knit night, movie dates with friends, or even swim laps with friends at the pool. Whatever it is, a senior should be going out to see friends. This can be one of the best forms of self-care and will limit the feelings of being totally alone.

Exercise and Health

Focusing on health is a great way to practice self-care. Whether this is getting outside or going to the doctors it is essential for a senior to do. A home care provider can easily drive the senior to gym classes or other appointments.

Focus on Diet

One of the best ways a senior can focus on themselves is by cooking and eating right. A home care provider can help set up weekly meals but they can also encourage the senior to cook. Trying out new recipes can be a fun way to focus on health but also promote independence.


If the senior enjoys being outdoors they can try starting a mini herb garden. This is a fun way to get outside, become one with nature, and even use the herbs later on in cooking.

Find a Hobby

Indulging in a hobby is a great way to promote self-care. This can be reading, painting, drawing, singing, playing the piano or more. Practicing self-care can be almost anything the senior wants, it allows them to be creative and enjoy their time with themselves. They may even discover new things about themselves.

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