Six Situations Where It’s Time to Hire Caregivers

Knowing when to hire caregivers can be a challenge. You don’t want to bring them in too soon as your parents do have a limited budget. You don’t want to wait until your parents are harmed trying to do something they can’t manage alone. Here are six situations where you need to hire home care services right now. 

When Walking Alone Isn’t Safe

Caregiver Henderson, NV: Time to Hire Caregivers

Your dad likes to go for a daily walk, but he is in the early stages of dementia. Your family worries that he’ll forget how to get back home if he goes far.  

With a caregiver available to walk with him, your dad won’t get lost. The caregiver keeps him company and helps him find his way back home. Plus, the caregiver can keep your family updated if his dementia progresses to a point, he shouldn’t be alone at all. 

To Help With Limitations After a Stroke 

After your mom’s stroke, she needs a walker to get from one room to the next. She has to have someone helping her get out of bed or in and out of the shower. Her left arm doesn’t move well, so she needs help with eating. 

She also needs someone to answer the door and let her physical therapist in. She’ll need transportation, someone to run errands, and someone to help keep her spirits up as she recovers. 

When Social Activities Are Limited 

Your dad’s friends no longer live in town. When you or your brother visit, it’s the only socialization your dad gets now. He’s lonely, but you work and can’t stop by as often as he needs. Home care agencies can set him up with companionship visits. 

To Have Someone to Clean the Home 

Your mom’s mobility is limiting the housekeeping chores she is comfortable completing. She’s good at wiping down counters, but she can’t carry the laundry hamper to the laundry room. Caregivers can do the laundry for her. They can run a vacuum, mop floors, and change sheets. 

After Handing Over the Keys 

Your dad is told he needs to stop driving. His reaction times have drastically slowed down. If he keeps driving, he could be in a serious crash. He doesn’t like feeling limited and stuck at home. Caregivers can drive him to the places he needs to go. 

There’s Been a Fall 

Your mom fell while getting out of the shower. She felt lightheaded after taking her medications and lost her balance. She’s okay, but you’re worried about it happening again. Caregivers can support her while she gets in and out of the shower each morning. 

Talk to a home care agency and find out what services are available. As you go over the options and create a care plan, you may find that caregivers are more affordable than you’d imagine. Call to learn more.  


If you or an aging loved-one is considering a Caregiver in Henderson, Nplease contact the caring staff at Essential Care today at (833) 630-3703. 

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