Three Common Questions Some Seniors May Have About Elder Care Options

Questions are easy for most people. This is especially true when you are looking at some difficult times in your life, facing the prospect of requiring extra care, like elder care. When a person becomes “elderly,” that doesn’t mean they have to give up on their life.

Even if they have physical challenges, limited strength, chronic health issues, and other factors impacting their day-to-day activities, they don’t have to give up on everything, or even most things.

Elder care support services can encompass a wide range of options, but the most popular involves home care. When a person can remain home, where they are most likely comfortable, that can be an incredible benefit, especially because home care improves safety, activity, and emotional health.

When you need to sit down and talk to an aging senior in your life about elder care, the more prepared you are for some common questions that may come your way, the more likely you will be able to answer those questions effectively and honestly.

Never lie, though. Even though you may feel a lie, even a white lie, could be a great way to get around a certain defense position, it is only going to cause harm. In most likelihood, the senior will discover the lie over time, and they will remember it, even though they may never say it to you directly.

Now, let’s talk about three common questions you may experience when talking about elder care to an aging parent, spouse, sibling, or somebody else you love.

Potential Question #1: How much will this cost?

Elder Care Las Vegas, NV: Elder Care Options

A person who has been pretty frugal most of life or saved for retirement and are now on a limited or fixed income is going to be concerned about the cost. The various costs associated with elder care can vary tremendously, depending on the type, how often is needed, and other factors.

While you may not be the answer this question with one simple answer, be as prepared as possible with something concrete and honest.

Look into home care, especially part-time. Somebody hired for perhaps five or 10 hours a week isn’t going to cost the same as a full-time, around-the-clock nursing home stay. When you focus on the lower-cost point, at least as the entry point, that can help them listen more closely.

Potential Question #2: Why would I need elder care?

Most people already understand they need some type of help. They may turn to you or other family members or friends for that help.

When they ask this question, explain the benefits of experience. Neither you nor anybody else in your family have experience supporting an aging senior, and some things could be overlooked or missed. Not so with a professional, seasoned elder care provider.

Potential Question #3: Don’t you still love me?

This idea that if you are talking about any type of elder care means you don’t love them is completely wrong, but this is often a defensive position, not an honest, genuine question.

When you answer, “Of course I love you, which is why I want to talk about elder care,” you can explain the benefits and things elder care can do for them that you simply cannot.

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