Tips for Handling Your Elderly Loved One’s Doctor’s Appointments

Do you have to take your elderly loved one to doctor’s appointments? If so, then you probably already know that your elderly loved one doesn’t like to go. They might hate needles when it is time for bloodwork. They might hate being asked all the time how they are doing. No matter what your elderly loved one hates or fears about the doctor’s appointments, there are some tips that you and the home care providers can use to make things a bit easier.  

Choose the Right Doctor

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It all starts with finding the right doctor for your elderly loved one. There are going to be some doctors that just don’t connect with your elderly loved one. While you will need to find a doctor that takes your elderly loved one’s insurance, there should be many options available. If the doctor your elderly loved one currently sees doesn’t listen to them or isn’t patient with them, find a new doctor. The doctor’s appointments are going to be much smoother and easier if your elderly loved one connects with and respects their doctor.  

Booking the Appointments 

Another way to ensure that your elderly loved one’s doctor’s appointments go smoother is by booking the right appointments. Think about the best time of the day for your elderly loved one. For instance, if the home care providers tell you that your elderly loved one needs a nap in the afternoon, don’t schedule their appointments during that time.  

Dealing with the Costs 

You will also need to make sure the doctor’s appointments are paid for. The first thing that you or the home care provider will need to do is call the insurance company. Some insurance companies have information for this purpose on their website. You could also call the doctor’s office to see what type of insurance they take. Basically, you want to ensure that as much of the appointments, tests, and exams are covered as possible. This can reduce the stress on your elderly loved one.  

Making a List of Concerns 

If there are concerns that you, your elderly loved one, or any of the home care providers have, make a list of these concerns. If you are prepared with questions and concerns when heading into the doctor’s office, the appointments will be easier. You won’t be scrambling around during the appointment trying to think of things that you need to say.  

Getting Ready for Appointments 

Depending on what is going on with your elderly loved one, they might have difficulties when getting ready for appointments. For instance, if your elderly loved one does get scared before an appointment, it might take longer to get them out the door. Be prepared for this and plan to leave earlier than needed, just in case.  


These are some of the tips for handling your elderly loved one’s doctor’s appointments. Whether you or the home care provider is taking your elderly loved one to the appointments, these tips can help to make things a bit easier.  


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