Tips For Helping Seniors Manage Diabetes

There are more than 14 million seniors living with diabetes. Since November is Diabetes Awareness Month November is a great time to learn how you can help a senior loved one who has diabetes manage it successfully. Living with diabetes can be challenging for seniors but diabetes usually can be managed with a combination of medication and lifestyle choices. Your senior loved one needs to take their medication but also learn how to live a healthier lifestyle that will keep their diabetes in check. Here are a few ways that you can help them do that:

Exercise With Them

Home Care Assistance in Las Vegas, NV: Seniors and Diabetes

Getting regular exercise is an essential part of managing diabetes. Seniors who have diabetes need to get regular exercise but it can be challenging to get seniors to exercise. The exercise doesn’t have to be complicated or physically demanding in order to be effective. Going for a long walk each day or doing a simple workout at home can be enough to help manage diabetes. But exercise needs to be done consistently in order to be helpful. Going for a walk on a set schedule with your senior loved one is a good way to help them get the exercise they need.

Encourage Them To Eat Healthy

Diet is just as important as exercise for seniors working on managing their diabetes. Seniors with diabetes need to carefully watch their diets. Meals that are based on vegetables with lean protein like chicken are the best types of meals for seniors with diabetes to eat. But those kinds of meals require cooking that some seniors can’t easily do. Preparing meal options in advance and making sure that your senior loved one has healthy meals that they can heat up easily will help your senior loved one eat a diet that won’t create spikes in their blood sugar.

Get Routine Medical Care

Diabetes affects the whole body, and sometimes health problems can indicate that the diabetes isn’t being well managed. Make sure that your senior loved one is seeing their doctor on a regular basis and get them to the doctor right away if they develop any new health problems or if the ones they already had get worse. Early treatment for diabetes related medical problems can save seniors from serious complications that can lead to things like amputation.

Make Sure Someone Is There to Help

If your senior is having trouble tracking their blood sugar or giving themselves insulin shots or even if they just get confused easily about how to check their blood sugar you should have home care assistance to help them. A home care assistance provider can help your senior loved one track their blood sugar, get the injections that they need, and keep the insulin cold in the fridge. If by accident your senior loved one leaves their insulin out a home care assistance provider can call the doctor to get a new script for a new vial of insulin and pick it up.

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