Tips to Help Your Elderly Loved One Be Happier After Retiring

Once your elderly loved one retires, things might seem more difficult for them. They may be feeling a bit lonely because they aren’t around people most days of the week. They might get frustrated because they don’t have planned activities to do every day. If your elderly loved one seems unhappy now that they are retired, there are some tips to help them increase their happiness and start feeling better about their life.

Experiencing Their Feelings

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It is important that you don’t try to get your elderly loved one not to have the feelings they are having. This is a process and it takes time to get used to not working anymore. You should let your elderly loved one have all the feelings they need to. If needed, you can let them vent to you about not being able to work anymore. Once you feel they have talked about how they are feeling thoroughly, you can move on to the next tips.

Doing Healthy Activities

In retirement, your elderly loved one might be feeling like they have nothing to do. However, this isn’t true. You and their senior care providers can help them to do many fun things. Some of the things that many senior citizens do in retirement include yoga, walking daily, reading books, writing letters to loved ones, and making healthy, new recipes.

Making a Plan

If your elderly loved one is missing the fact that they had a schedule when they were working, you or their senior care provider can help them to make a plan. You can sit down with them and write down the hours that they are awake. Throughout the available hours, you can help them to plan grooming tasks, eating, something fun to do, organizing and cleaning, and visiting loved ones or friends. You can give your elderly loved one the freedom to plan most of their day on their own if they want.

Setting Goals

If your elderly loved one is feeling like they have nothing to achieve anymore, you can help them to set goals. These should be realistic and achievable goals. For instance, your elderly loved one might want to get rid of old junk that has been sitting in their house. You can go over to their house one day a week for four weeks until everything they want to get rid of is gone.


These are some of the tips to help your elderly loved one be happier now that they are retired. Retirement can take a while to get used to. However, if you help your elderly loved one to do these things, they can start feeling happier and more content with their life in retirement.


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