Ways to Reminisce with Senior Citizens

Does it seem like your elderly loved one is missing their past? Maybe, they have memories of when they were little, but they can’t quite pull those memories up. They may remember bits and pieces of stories from their past, but not be able to recall all of those stories. If your elderly loved one is looking to reminisce, there are ways that you can do this with them. If you can’t get over there to do these activities, you can have in-home care providers fill in.

Listening to Music

In-Home Care in Boulder City, NV: Memories and Seniors

One great way to have your elderly loved one reminisce is by turning on music for them to listen to. This can be music they currently enjoy. However, a better way to help your elderly loved one reminisce is by having them listen to music they haven’t heard in a long time. If your elderly loved one wants to bring back times when they were a young adult, for example, you or their in-home care provider can turn on songs from that time.

Looking at Pictures

Another great way for your elderly loved one to bring back memories is by looking at pictures. What better way to remember things that happened and think about them than to look at the time and place? If your elderly loved one or someone in their family has photo albums, these would be a great start. You can also look at pictures people have posted on social media over the years. While those photos won’t be quite as old, they can still help your elderly loved one to reminisce. If you can’t go to your loved one’s house to help them go through social media pages or albums, you can have an in-home care provider do this.

Use All Senses

Another amazing way to reminisce is to have your elderly loved one use all senses. For example, your elderly loved one may want to bake with you. The smell of baking might remind them of their childhood. You may want to have a senior care provider go with them to the local park. That way, they can remember the scent of the pine trees and the sound of children playing. These are just some examples of how your elderly loved one can use their senses to remember times from their past.


Studies and research show that reminiscing is very beneficial for the elderly. It can help to improve their recall, bring back happiness from their past, and help them to remember people who are no longer with them. If you are trying to help your elderly loved one with this, it may be a good idea to go to their house and spend the day with them. Throughout the day, you can do these activities and many others to help them reminisce.

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