What Kinds of Objects Pose a COVID-19 Threat?

People are worried about catching and transmitting COVID-19, or coronavirus. Because experts are recommending that individuals wash their hands often and disinfect surfaces, some people are concerned that touching certain objects that are handled often might pose a risk. So, what’s the truth? Could your older family member be in danger of getting the virus from touching things like keys, money, and smartphones?  


Can Objects Bring the Virus into a Senior’s Home?

Senior Care Mesquite, NV: Objects That Pose a COVID-19 Threat

The truth is that nearly everything around us is covered in germs, like bacteria, fungi, and even parasites. Microbes are simply a part of the world. In fact, according to Dr. Stephen Berger, the co-founder of the Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Network in Tel Aviv, “the list of objects which could be contaminated is endless.”  


So, the question then, is: Do you need to leave your smartphone and keys in a bowl outside the door or scrub everything you bring into a senior’s home with disinfectant? Dr. Berger says no. 


There’s no danger from most of the microbes your aging relative comes in contact with every day. Most aren’t likely to be carrying the coronavirus. The only thing Berger suggests people compulsively clean is their hands. Hands are the most likely thing that will transmit the virus from a surface or object to your aging relative’s face. That’s because when a person touches their face, the virus can enter through their nose, mouth, or eyes.  


That’s good news, but it doesn’t mean that certain objects shouldn’t be disinfected. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommends that electronics, such as smart phones and keyboards, be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  


Certain objects can be particularly germy, like money, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to clean everything your older family member comes in contact with. Instead, the best way to prevent contracting the virus from objects is to keep hands away from the face and wash them often.  


Can Senior Care Help with Coronavirus Prevention? 

Yes! A senior care provider can help older adults to prevent catching the COVID-19 virus in several ways. For one thing, a senior care provider can remind your loved one to wash their hands often. When the older adult does need to leave the house, such as for grocery shopping, a senior care provider can go with them and help them to wipe down cart handles with a disinfectant wipe and use hand sanitizer or wash hands. At home, a senior care provider can use disinfectant cleaners to clean surfaces that are frequently touched, like faucets, door handles, and countertops. 


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