Who Should Be Part of Your Parent’s Diabetes Care Team?

Diabetes experts, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Diabetes Association, recommend that people who are diagnosed with diabetes take a team approach to disease management. In fact, it’s very likely that when your older family member was diagnosed with diabetes the doctor may have immediately referred them to some other health care professionals to assist with different aspects of their disease, such as an endocrinologist and a dietician. There are many people who can be a part of your aging relative’s diabetes care team, including those described below. 


Primary Care Doctor

Elder Care Mesquite, NV: Diabetes Care Team

This is the doctor who provides the older adult with their routine medical care. The senior will contact them for physical exams, prescriptions, and laboratory tests. The primary care doctor is also the person the older adult will see for unrelated ailments, like the flu or an ear infection. 



An endocrinologist is an expert in the endocrine system, which includes the pancreas. They have special expertise in the medical treatment of people with diabetes. Your aging relative will need to see an endocrinologist regularly. 



Dieticians are experts in nutrition. Because a diabetic’s diet is extremely important in controlling blood sugar, their primary care doctor or endocrinologist will likely refer them to a dietician. The dietician will help them to create an individualized eating plan. 


Dentist, Ophthalmologist, and Podiatrist 

Diabetes can cause multiple problems throughout the body, so it’s important that other medical providers are aware that the senior has diabetes. Once they are, they can watch for complications of diabetes, such as problems with teeth and gums, eye problems, and foot problems. 



In addition to filling prescriptions for diabetes medications, the pharmacist is also a source of information about medications. They can talk to the older adult about side effects and more. When you use just one pharmacist for all of the senior’s prescriptions, they can help to watch for potential medication interactions. 


Elder Care Providers 

Elder care can also be an important part of your aging relative’s diabetes care team. Elder care providers can visit the older adult’s home as often as needed. While there, an elder care provider can remind the senior to check their blood sugar and take diabetes medications. Elder care providers can also prepare meals that follow the guidelines set by the doctor or dietician. In addition, elder care can drive the older adult to medical appointments to receive treatment for diabetes. 


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