Why Do Many Family Caregivers Get Burnt Out?

Have you ever heard of caregivers getting burnt out? Now that you are a family caregiver, you may be wondering how you will handle yourself when caring for your elderly loved one. The things that you need to help your elderly loved one with can be difficult. They can take a toll on you. Right now, you may think that you have it all under control. However, it might be helpful to know why many family caregivers get burnt out. This way you can prevent yourself from getting burnt out or get help from home care providers if you are burnt out.  

Confusion of Their Role

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One of the reasons why family caregivers get burnt out is because they are confused about their role. For instance, you might have a difficult time separating being your elderly loved one’s niece from being their family caregiver. The division between these roles is important. However, sometimes the lines can get blurry and it can be overwhelming. If you can’t seem to separate these roles, it might be a good idea to have home care providers do the caregiver and you can just be there for your elderly loved one.  

Having Unrealistic Expectations 

Another one of the reasons why family caregivers often get burnt out is because they have unrealistic expectations. There are many family caregivers that believe they can do it all. They don’t understand what will all be involved in taking care of their elderly loved one. When the tasks start piling up, it becomes a bit too much. If this is the case for you, it is okay to call home care providers for help. You don’t have to keep trying to balance so many things at once.  

Not Having Enough Control 

Many family caregivers will get burnt out because they don’t feel they have enough control. There are too many variables involved in this position. For instance, your elderly loved one might get sick often and that is out of your control. Your elderly loved one might have a neurodegenerative condition that keeps getting worse. You can’t control that either. If you are overwhelmed because there are too many things out of your control, you can take a step back for a bit. You can hire home care providers to care for your loved one for a while. If needed, you can have the home care providers take over permanently, as well.  


There are many family caregivers that get burnt out. If you are a family caregiver, it is helpful to know the common reasons for family caregivers to get burnt out. By knowing more about these reasons, you can decide if you will be able to care for your elderly loved one long-term. If not, that is okay. You can get help from home care providers. These providers will provide excellent care for your elderly loved one.  


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