Why Is Hand Washing So Important Right Now?

The CDC has plenty of recommendations for avoiding coronavirus during the pandemic, and one of the most repeated pieces of advice is to wash your hands. But how is hand washing going to help your senior and you to avoid Covid-19? To understand that, you need to understand how germs work and how people get infected in the first place.  

It’s Important to Understand How Germs Work

Elder Care Boulder City, NV: Importance of Hand Washing

Germs have to get into the body to make someone sick. That usually means that they get onto someone’s hands first and then from there are put somewhere that the germs can easily access the interior of the body, like the mouth, eyes, or nose. Germs can also enter the body from a cut, but that usually isn’t how germs that cause respiratory diseases work. 

People Constantly Touch Their Own Faces 

The big problem is that most people in general have a really bad habit of touching their faces on a regular basis. Even if you think you don’t touch your face often, you do it more than you realize. So does your senior. When that happens, germs have easy access to the parts of the body that they’re trying to infect. Breaking the habit of touching your own face is more difficult than it seems at first, but it’s something to at least attempt. 

They Also Touch Other Things 

It’s not bad enough that people touch their faces all the time, they’re also touching other things in between touching their face. So, that means that there’s a prime opportunity to pick up germs from a door handle, a handrail, or any other object someone else has touched and then transfer those germs the next time someone touches their face. It’s a big problem. 

Removing the Germs from Hands Keeps Them Out of People 

That’s where hand washing comes into the picture. Removing germs from your hands as often as possible helps to make sure that fewer of them make it into your body. Make sure to use proper washing techniques, including using plain soap and washing for at least twenty seconds. Be sure to get in between fingers, around thumbs, and the backs of hands, too. 

Disinfecting surfaces regularly is also important, but that might be more difficult for your senior right now. Home care providers can be a tremendous help in keeping up with disinfecting surfaces and even ensuring your senior is able to wash her hands effectively and often. 


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